Become part of the movement

There are three different types of memberships with Forager Foundation. We are a registered nonprofit organization, which means that 100% of any donations from membership go toward our many programs and initiatives and not to salaries. When you sign up as a Community, Student, or Professional Member you have the opportunity to volunteer your expertise to many of our committees and projects.

Membership Styles

One Year Community Membership

$20.00 CAD - suggested donation

Community Membership is open to anyone wanting to be a part of Forager Foundation and help us promote global cultural heritage. By becoming a Community Member you will receive special offers to take part in Forager Foundation events and opportunities to volunteer with us.


One Year Student Membership

$10.00 CAD - suggested donation

Student Membership is open to anyone currently enrolled in any post-secondary institution. By becoming a Student Member you have the opportunity to submit articles for our magazine publications and get updates on work experience and internship opportunities.


One Year Professional Membership

$20.00 CAD - suggested donation

Professional Membership is open to any community Elders and graduates of a post-secondary program relevant to Forager Foundation's goals (Anthropology, Botany, Education, Forestry, Geography, Linguistics, Publishing, etc.). Our professionals are the guiding hands of Forager Foundation.


Benefits of Membership

Members are eligible for a number of benefits from Forager Foundation and our partners. The following is a list of Membership perks:

  • discounts on select Forager Foundation tours and event tickets
  • discounts on Forager Foundation book publications
  • discounts with corporate partners
  • more to come!