Forager Foundation’s Wild Harvest Network promotes the use of wild foods by partnering with local businesses to incorporate wild foods into their menus and other product offerings in order to promote the traditions of local edible plants and animals. With globalization becoming an ever-present force in the world communities are losing their connection to the local landscape. No matter where we live there are a myriad of unique flavours in the form of wild plant and animal species. By having professionals work with these new ingredients we are able to show the public how they can incorporate wild foods into their daily lives.


For many people the plants that grow wild around our homes are unknown flavours and it can be hard to know where to start. It is this reason that Wild Harvest Network partners with local restaurants in order to tap into the creative and experienced minds. By getting chefs to experiment with these new flavours it makes the barrier of knowing how to cook with wild foods a lot less intimidating.


Throughout the year, together with participating restaurants, the Wild Harvest Network will feature seasonal wild plants in dining events we are calling Forager's Feast. These events will put together some of the freshest ingredients that are in season at the time of each event together on a set menu with partial proceeds going toward the Wild Harvest Network's research into sustainable practices in foraging.

We also have the support of Forager Tours, a social enterprise under the Forager umbrella, to put together wild food classes and tours in a growing number of communities to help interested individuals take that first step into learning more about wild foods, the importance of proper identification, and both respectful and sustainable harvesting.