Forager Foundation is in the process of publishing a comprehensive protocol that covers our approach to working with local communities and Indigenous people around the world. In our continuing effort to be as transparent and accountable as possible this document will be accessible through any of the Forager branded websites. In the meantime please read our brief descriptions below to see our commitment to Indigenous people and local communities.

Our Commitment to Fair Representation

With the nature of the Wild Harvest Network regarding the promotion of wild foods we dedicate ourselves to the respectful representation of Indigenous voices. Whenever available, we support aboriginal-owned businesses and build relationships with local communities to grow the network in a more meaningful way.

Respecting Cultural Sensitivity

Traditional Knowledge is an important and sacred facet of cultural identity. While we work to promote this knowledge with our network partners and the community at large we also recognize and respect the reluctance to publicly share knowledge that for many communities has been used without consent and with a disregard for knowledge keepers and the implications to communities for having knowledge taken from their control. We work only with knowledge that has already been shared publicly, either academically or to the general public, or with knowledge that has been shared with us with the consent of the community who recognize and approve of our intentions.