Noonkodin School Garden

Project Status: Stage 2 - Engagement

Location: Eluwai, Tanzania



This project was proposed by ethnobotanist and Forager Foundation professional member Jennie Leigh Harvey. She worked with Serian UK at the Noonkodin school during her master's research and suggested that we could implement a cultural garden on the grounds of the school. Noonkodin integrates federal curriculum mandated by the Tanzanian government with Traditional Knowledge taught by Maasai Elders in the community. Forager Foundation's cultural garden would build upon the work being done with local Elders to provide a teaching space where Traditional Knowledge could be taught in a hands-on manner.

STAGE 2 - engagement

The team has been in contact with the administration of the Noonkodin school and are working with them to see how we can work together to implement this project. There is a tentative two acre plot set aside for a garden that could be used for teaching as well as food production for the students.

Cultural Profile


The Maasai are a semi-nomadic Indigenous group from East Africa living in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. They live in extended family groups and live a primarily pastoral life raising cattle, goats, and sheep. Maasai rely on these animals for subsistence and now, becoming integrated into the market economy, they rely on them for an income as well.