West Coast Wild Harvest

West Coast Wild Harvest is the first magazine published by the Wild Harvest Network and covers the Pacific Northwest region from SE Alaska down the coast along British Columbia, Washington, and Oregon. There are two issues published per year, Spring/Summer (March 1) and Fall/Winter (September 1) dealing with different topics in foraging and wild foods. We work with a number of chefs, mixologists, First Nations experts, and ethnobotanists to bring a number of unique recipes showing you, our readers, how you can incorporate wild foods into your daily diet and tips for identifying and sustainably harvesting the wild foods around you.

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Behind the Bar features two cocktail recipes incorporating foraged ingredients.

Chef's Table profiles a local chef who incorporates wild ingredients into his or her cooking.

Forager's Larder gives tips and recipes for storing and preserving foraged plants.

Foraging Guide includes helpful hints on locating, identifying, harvesting, and using four featured seasonal ingredients.

Hinterland Apothecary provides instructions for making a traditional medicinal preparation from foraged ingredients.

In the Past examines historical foraging, including harvesting practices, traditional uses of plants, and cultural significance.

Recipes provides recipes using the ingredients in the Forager Guide.


Bryce M. Watts, Editor-in-Chief

Lindsay Vermeulen, Managing Editor / Copy Editor

Annelise van der Veen, Content Editor

Evelyn Kuang, Design Assistant