The Acorn

Delicious vegan-friendly cuisine

Words Amy Logan

Photos Sean David

From its artfully arranged plates to the geometric shadows cast by sculptural lamps in its minimalist interior, The Acorn is a restaurant where form and function hold equal sway. Owner Shira Blustein, with a background in music and film, and chefs Rob Clarke and Brian Luptak, have managed to create a space that is at once soothing and stimulating, with sleek wooden furniture, cascading greenery, and a bustling bar serving artisan cocktails.

The vegetable-forward menu, which changes seasonally, offers plenty of vegan and gluten-free options. Fresh local, seasonal, and foraged ingredients are sourced from Sole Food, Barnston Island Herbs, and Fresh Roots Farm, and a collaboration with Victory Gardens allows The Acorn to even have its own garden.

The kale salad is a vibrant combination of West Coast flavours. The dark green leaves are studded with smoked paprika croutons and slivers of Kootenay's Alpidon hand-rubbed, organic cheese, and beautifully finished with crispy capers, tempeh, and earthy black olives.

The haloumi is a formidable tower of decadent, beer-battered sticks of cheese perched atop a perfectly crisp zucchini and potato pancake. Served on a base of bright green smashed peas, it is accented with creamy minted yogurt and lemon balm from The Acorn garden.

The cocktails are equally inventive. The Lavendula is a perfect balance of Vancouver's Odd Society Wallflower gin, a delicate hint of St. Germaine elderflower liqueur, egg white, a squeeze of fresh citrus, The Acorn's own garden lavender syrup, and a dash of white pepper lavender bitters.

The Acorn’s seasonal approach means that they are always creating gorgeous, inventive vegetarian cuisine, with a sustainable and uniquely West Coast focus.